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Dressing for Your Body: Wedding Gown Inspiration

I was just looking at this slideshow from RealSimple, showing wedding gowns for various body types. I love looking at wedding gowns anyway, but this time it occurred to me that I could take some of their advice and adapt it for clothes I might wear more than once in my lifetime.

(Semi-serious disclaimer: if you detest the use of fruit names as euphemisms for body types, as I do, frankly, don’t say I didn’t warn you. That said, if you can ignore that part, there’s good information here.)

Here’s an example:

Wedding Dress for Full Figures Wedding gown for full figures. (Click on this picture to go see the entire slideshow.) Continue reading

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Easiest Weekend Dressing Ever!

Okay, we now have no excuses left for looking sloppy on the weekends! Refinery29 has put together 5 outfits, each comprised of the following pieces:

1. Jeans

2. T-shirt

3. Flats

4. Sweater

5. Accessories (handbags, jewelry)


Easy Weekend Outfits Easy weekend outfits, courtesy of Refinery29. Each is based on jeans, T-shirt, sweater, and flats, with handbags and a little jewelry thrown in. Continue reading

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Markham Caerus: Nothing to do with clothes, but still cool!

To all my clothes-minded friends, I can only apologize for the following message. (You proud parents will understand, I’m sure.) It’s a shameless promotion for my archaeologist daughter Valerie’s brand-new website, Markham Caerus, named for her research project into protecting works of art and antiquities from theft and looting. (Yes, she describes the origin of the name on the About Markham Caerus page— you’ll love it!)

Markham Caerus

Markham Caerus, my daughter’s project and new website! (Click the image to go straight there.)

Valerie has also just started a blog, A Year in Provenance (right here on WordPress!), which goes into lots of detail about the issues she intends to address, most of which I myself was completely unaware of. (Example: profits from the illegal sales of stolen art and artifacts go directly to finance other crimes.) So in case you’re wondering why this should matter, this fascinating blog will convince you! And thank you all in advance for checking it out, along with Valerie’s new website!

And now, back to our regularly-scheduled programming… er, posting…

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Lindy Reads: The Thoughtful Dresser

The Thoughtful Dresser, a book by Linda Grant that started as a blog, is one of my favorite clothes-related reads in the past few years. (Click here to go to Linda’s blog; click here to find the book for sale at Amazon.) Its subtitle, The Art of Adornment, The Pleasures of Shopping, and Why Clothes Matter, really describes the content so well that I don’t have anything to add. Except, now that I think about it, that this book not only relates some remarkable stories of the ways in which clothes can transform lives, it also dispels the erroneous mindset that people who love fashion are superficial (or worse, boring). I highly recommend this book, and would love to know what you think of it!

The Thoughtful Dresser

The Thoughtful Dresser, by Linda Grant: one of my favorite books on the subject of clothes. (Click on the picture to go to Linda’s blog.)